Call Divert

What is so simple about diverting to's phone answering service is that you are always in control of the divert, controlling how often or how little you divert to us.

You can divert incoming calls to by activating call diversion from the keypad of your telephone. will provide you with your unique Divert Number. This allows you to divert all calls when you are out and about or do not want to be disturbed, or just the calls that you would normally miss when your line would otherwise be engaged.

The diversion is totally undetectable and takes place in a fraction of a second.


Your calls can be diverted to us in a number of ways:

Divert to us when you are on another call so there is no engaged tone.

After 4 rings unanswered, divert to us after the fourth ring if you are unable to get to the phone in time.

Divert all the calls to us permanently either when you are out of the office or in a meeting, or simply when you don’t want to be disturbed!

Don't you think the above is a summary of what an outsource receptionist can do? promise to keep things simple and affordable.

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